World Language Teacher, Marsha Cassel

Rutland High School World Language teacher, Marsha Cassel, was delighted to travel to Africa with her son (RHS graduate ‘12). Their two-week trip focused on the countries of Zambia and South Africa. In Zambia’s capital city, Lusaka, they got a glimpse of some of the young country’s accomplishments and challenges. All in all, the struggles seemed predictable, especially given that Zambia (formerly Northern Rhodesia) is only approaching its 55th year of independence and is still shrugging off the vestiges of imperialism. The travelers were able to spend a few days along the Zambezi River and in the Lower Zambezi National Park where they enjoyed close encounters with wildlife on a couple of photo safaris. Cassel says she was captivated by the elephants. Finally, they headed to Cape Town, South Africa—where many of the landmarks have associations with the deconstruction of Apartheid. Cassel and her son checked out the penguins at nearby Boulder’s Beach, ascended Table Mountain (he on foot; she by cable car) and journeyed to the Cape of Good Hope, the most southern tip of the continent, before heading back just in time for school to resume.

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