Team “Justine”

I’m FINALLY on a team, TEAM JUSTINE! The Covid-19 pandemic has brought forth many things and the most unexpected has been a sense of belonging to a larger group and larger purpose.

I may never  had an interaction with the new Assistant Principal at RIS, Justine Ruhlin or Rutland City School’s Director of Finance, Ted Plemenos, whom I was lost with in a Zoom Room. I have gotten to know people’s personalities, how they think, their priorities, but most importantly, how much they care about the students.

So, as I have sat in my daughter’s playroom on Zoom calls for hours on end, challenging my mind like one of the hardest tests I’ve ever taken, I have been connected. These connections never would have been had it not been for this very unpredictable time. I thank every member who has brought their spirit and best selves to this bigger cause. And, now I’m on Team Justine.

In Health, Nurse Justine