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Senior Year Timeline


  • Set up meeting with your School Counselor
  • Gather information on potential schools
  • Begin planning visits to colleges of interest
  • Last chance to register for SAT/ACT
  • Ask teachers for recommendation letters.
  • Send SAT/ACT scores to colleges directly from the testing agency
  • Start college applications


  • Check college application deadlines carefully!
  • Check financial aid application deadlines very carefully! Determine if a CSS Profile form is necessary and if so, register.  
  • Some Early Decision/Early Action applications are due
  • Work on portfolio, essay, resume. Schedule college interviews, auditions, etc.
  • Complete “CSS Profile” form if required by your schools.
  • Complete the FAFSA (free federal form for student aid) online at


  • Finalize college applications
  • Contact your guidance counselor every time you submit an application
  • Complete NCAA paperwork if planning on playing sports in college


  • Application deadline for some medical programs (nursing, dental hygiene, PT, etc.). In addition, some selective colleges have January 1st  deadlines.  Please note counselors will not be in school over the holiday break.


  • VSAC Scholarship booklets available in the guidance office
  • Check with college to determine if you must complete additional forms. (CSS Profile form, financial aid forms, scholarship applications, etc.)
  • The Scholarship File and Chart is emailed and available in the Guidance Office on a regular basis.


  • Be aware of financial aid deadlines
  • Continue to check the Scholarships available through the guidance office
  • Plan a campus visit, if possible.
  • If FAFSA sends you a verification form, be sure to review it and make any necessary corrections as soon as possible.


  • Determine if you need to submit any “last minute” applications
  • Watch for acceptance notifications, complete school related forms, check all email from schools, check application portals.


  • Receive notification of acceptance decisions from colleges and financial aid packages
  • Be aware of how much time you have to make your decision
  • Begin search for a summer job
  • Compare financial aid award from different schools
  • Pay attention to scholarship deadlines and apply


  • Final college choice decision made. Send in deposit (Usually due on May 1st)
  • Notify colleges you choose not to attend about that decision
  • Complete “Senior Survey” for Guidance Office – we need to know where to send your final transcript!
  • Look for a summer job


  • Graduate in June
  • Plan your college orientation – consider freshmen year schedule-What do you really want to study?


  • Check daily announcements regularly.
  • 18 year-old males need to register with the Selective Service
  • Guidance Office automatically sends grades mid-year and final transcripts to respective colleges
  • ROTC deadlines – Consider contacting military recruiters for specific dates, etc.