Personal and Social Counseling
School counselors develop and deliver a comprehensive school counseling
program that promotes positive development which includes offering education,
prevention and short-term intervention services designed to promote positive
mental health and to remove any barriers to student success.
Examples of student centered services include:
 Responsive services including internal and external referral procedures,
short-term counseling or crisis.
 Individual planning with students addressing academic, career and
personal-social needs
 Educate teachers, administrators, parents/guardians, and community
stakeholders about the mental health concerns of students.
 Advocate and collaborate with school and community stakeholders to
ensure students and their families have access to mental health services.
If a student experiences any type of social, emotional or mental health issues, or
is worried about a friend or family member they should contact their guidance
The following is a listing of available resources outside of RHS:
Self-Help and Coping Strategies for Depression
Self-Help and Coping Strategies for Stress Management
Drugs and Alcohol Awareness
Rutland Area Prevention Coalition

Crisis Line

For a full list of resources available in the Rutland Community please click here