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Graduation Requirements

English   4.0 Credits
Mathematics   3.0 Credits
Science (including credits in both life and physical sciences)   3.0 Credits
Social Studies (including U.S. History and Civics & Economics)   3.0 Credits
Physical Education (including Healthy Living)   2. 0 Credits
Fine Arts   1. 0 Credit
Family Consumer Studies   0.5 Credit
Information Technology   1.0 Credit
Electives   8.5 Credits
Total 26.0 Credits

Total credits required for Graduation:  26

A student shall meet the requirements for graduation when he or she demonstrates evidence of proficiency. These proficiency based graduation requirements include: Clear and Effective Communication, Self-Direction, Creative and Practical Problem Solving, Responsible and Involved Citizenship, and Informed and Integrative Thinking.

*Optional Global Studies and/or STEM Diploma Designation