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Flex Block


Focused Learning Experience:
The primary goal of FLEX Block is to provide academic supports and enrichments for ALL students. During this time targeted interventions, Extended Learning Opportunities/Enrichment, homework completion, and further research/study are available for all students.

Teacher Advisory:
Teacher Advisory (TA) is a part of FLEX block that occurs every Wednesday during the school year. During TA, students and teachers participate in numerous community building activities to enable both the teacher and student to build a positive academic relationship. Students are assigned to the same homeroom teacher for all four years at RHS.


Subject Specific Extra Help: Classroom teachers will provide assistance to assigned students by re-explaining concepts, clarifying course expectations, providing time to make up work, quizzes, or tests, and/or following up.

Targeted Intervention Centers:Students who are identified with skills deficits will spend two of their FLEX Blocks per week engaged in learning designed to assist them in strengthening those skills. The remaining days of the week may be spent in any of the other activities described in this section.

Computer Resource Centers: Computer areas are available for student access.

Arts/Music/Academic Enrichment: Students may access resource centers for the purpose of supplementing or enhancing their performance in any course that is credit bearing (i.e. band, string ensemble, chorus, art) or to engage in an approved enrichment.

Library Access: The library will be available for students to complete research and other library services during the FLEX Block as needed.

Enrichment Opportunities: Enrichments will be allowed during FLEX Block as long as the student is in good academic standing.

 Peer Tutors: Students with strong scholastic ability in a specific area are encouraged to provide teacher aide/peer tutorial assistance during FLEX Block by seeking the permission of instructors to do so. They will need to book the
appropriate location for this purpose as part of their planning process.