RHS     Ahmed, Samira. Love, hate & other filters.
Maya Aziz, seventeen, is caught between her India-born parents world of college and marrying a suitable Muslim boy and her dream world of film school and dating her classmate, Phil, when a terrorist attack changes her life forever.

RHS     Alvarez, Julia. How the García girls lost their accents.
The story of the Garcia family and adjustment to life in the United States from the Dominican Republic. 

RHS     Auch, Mary Jane. Ashes of roses.
Sixteen-year-old Rose Nolan arrives on Ellis Island in 1911 in the hopes of starting a new life, but after most of her family is sent back to Ireland, she must find her own way in a new country and fend for herself and her younger sister.

Boyle, T.C. The tortilla curtain.
This novel juxtaposes the privilege afforded to white suburbanites in Los Angeles and the tragic reality for many illegal Mexican immigrants.

Buckley, Christopher. The judge hunter.
A hapless Englishman embarks on a dangerous mission to the New World in pursuit of two judges who helped murder a king.

RHS  Cather, Willa. My Antonia.
A successful lawyer remembers his boyhood in Nebraska and his friendship with an immigrant girl named Antonia.

Crane, Stephen. Maggie: a Girl of the Streets.
A portrayal of Irish immigrant life in lower New York in the late 19th century.

RHS     Crowder, Melanie. Audacity.
A historical fiction novel in verse detailing the life of Clara Lemlich and her struggle for women’s labor rights in the early twentieth century in New York.

RHS     Diaz, Junot. The brief wondrous life of Oscar Wao.
Overweight and nerdy Oscar lives with his Dominican American mother and sister in New Jersey and dreams of becoming a renowned author and finding true love, but unfortunately, a family curse stands in the way of his wishes.

Draper, Sharon. Copper Sun.
Amari’s life is shattered when her family is murdered and she is taken aboard a slave ship to the Carolinas and purchased by a plantation owner as a present for his son.

RHS     Farish, Terry. The good braider: a novel.
Follows Viola as she survives brutality in war-torn Sudan, makes a perilous journey, lives as a refugee in Egypt, and finally reaches Portland, Maine, where her quest for freedom and security is hampered by memories of past horrors and the traditions her mother and other Sudanese adults hold dear.

Hemon, Aleksandar. Nowhere man: the Pronek fantasies.
Jozef Pronek, a young man from Sarajevo, finds himself stranded in the United States after war breaks out in his home country, and as he tries to adapt to his new life in Chicago, he finds himself enjoying a culture very different from his own.

RHS     Kwok, Jean. Girl in translation.
Ah-Kim Chang and her mother immigrate to Brooklyn, where they work for Kim’s Aunt Paula in a Chinatown clothing factory earning barely enough to keep them alive; however, Kim’s perseverance and hard work earns her a place at an elite private school where she is befriended by Annette, who helps her adjust to American culture.

RHS     McCourt, Frank. ‘Tis : a memoir.
Frank McCourt, shares the story of his life as an American immigrant, discussing his experiences from the age of nineteen when he landed in New York, to his eventual success as a teacher and writer.

Paule, Marshall. Brown girl, brownstones.
Set in Brooklyn during the Depression and World War II. Selina, whose parents emigrated from Barbados, tries to overcome poverty and racism and make her new country home.

RHS     Peralta, Dan-el Padilla. Undocumented : a Dominican boy’s odyssey from a homeless shelter to the Ivy League.
Dan-el Padilla Peralta discusses how he went from a young boy living in the United States illegally to a successful student at Princeton.

RHS     Perkins, Mitali. You bring the distant near.
From 1965 through the present, an Indian American family adjusts to life in New York City, alternately fending off and welcoming challenges to their own traditions.

Rolvaag, O.E. Giants in the earth : a saga of the prairie.
Follows the lives of Beret, and her husband, Per Hansa, as they make their way from Nordland, Norway, to the Dakota prairie as pioneers.

RHS     See, Lisa. Shanghai girls: a novel.
Sisters Pearl and May Chin are forced into marriages to Chinese men living in America after their father gambles away his wealth; but life in American proves more difficult than they expected.

Swerling, Beverly. City of Dreams: A Novel of Nieuw Amsterdam.
In 1661, Lucas Turner and his sister, Sally stagger off a small wooden ship after eleven weeks at sea. Bound to each other by blood and necessity, they aim to make a fresh start in the rough and rowdy Dutch settlement of Nieuw Amsterdam; but soon lust, betrayal, and murder will make them mortal enemies.

RHS     Tan, Amy. The Joy Luck Club.
The personal, often painful, histories of four Chinese American women who began meeting in San Francisco in 1949 to play mah jong are revealed as the daughter of one who has died searches for her sisters in China to tell them about the mother they never knew.

Vargas, Jose Antonio. Dear America : notes of an undocumented citizen.
Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist Jose Antonio Vargas, called “the most famous undocumented immigrant in America,” tackles one of the defining issues of our time in this explosive and deeply personal call to arms.

RHS     Zoboi, Ibi. American Street.
Fabiola Toussaint, a young Haitian immigrant to the United States, must navigate her life, school and relationships, while dealing with her loud cousins after her mother is detained by the United States immigration department.