Camp Counselors of Essential Rutland Rec Camps

At the Rutland Rec Camps each day is a new adventure.The counseling staff for all locations is
primarily made up of many Rutland High School Students and recent graduates, we were also
excited to bring in new Freshman for their first jobs: Allie Rice, Addie Hubert, Ady Kinsman,
Sarah Crossmon, and many others. Each week there is a different theme that counselors base
their activities on.The counselors have the freedom to plan activities and can get or have the
resources for it. For example some of Camp Otter Creeks favorite days were carnival day where
we played carnival based games and ate fair food,secret spy week where we had an all around
campus scavenger hunt and the Olympics where we had an all week rivalry between two
teams.Some smaller ones are going to the pond to catch frogs,building fairy houses and playing
big group games.We have different interactions with each kid and build strong relationships and
bonds, which is important for our community
-Makieya Hendrickson
Class of 2021