Black Lives Flag Ceremony

To the Rutland High School Community:

Over the course of the last several weeks, the Rutland High School New Neighbors student group made presentations to the Rutland City Board of School Commissioners regarding the further education in our school community on topics of equity and race.  As part of their proposal, the students asked the board to consider the symbolic action of flying the Black Lives Matter flag to affirm the value of the lives of our students of color.  This is a step already taken by a number of high schools in Vermont.  The intention of our students is simply to use this symbol as a learning opportunity with the message of inclusion.  The Rutland school board approved their proposal.  Thus, as part of the school’s ongoing effort to become a model for a more just world, this student group will hold a short ceremony and convey this meaning through the flag.

The ceremony is an educational event and will be an option for any Rutland High School student to attend.  Thus, it is only open to staff and students in our building.  We hope all will support the efforts of our students as they strive to meet the district vision statement: RCPS cultivates a passionate, diverse, and resilient community of critical thinkers who learn with purpose, create innovative and responsible solutions, and lead lives of integrity.

William Olsen, Principal