Grades communicate individual student academic achievement in relation to course expectations to our students, their families, employers, and post-secondary institutions.

We believe:

  • Grades reflect student academic achievement.
  • Grading will not be used for disciplinary purposes.
  • At the start of a course, students and parents will be provided with information regarding grading practices and expectations.
  • Summative evidence will constitute the majority of a student’s grade.

Proficiency Based Grading Scale

The following 0 to 4 point scale will be used by teachers to provide feedback to students and parents on the student’s current progress toward meeting the course standards.

  • 4 – Exceeds the standard: the student demonstrates in-depth inferences and applications of the learning which go beyond what was taught.
  • 3- Meets the standard: the student has demonstrated the skill and / or content expected.
  • 2 – Approaching the standard: the student is able to perform the basic processes and understands the vocabulary which are prerequisites to meeting the standard.
    • 1.5 – Partial success at score 2.0 content, and major errors or omissions regarding score 3.0 content
  • 1 – Partial success: with help the student is partially successful in performing the prerequisite skills or meeting the standard.
  • 0 – No evidence: there is little or no evidence that the student has met the standard.