RHS offers an afterschool program to all students.  By enrolling in EPIC students can access all programs offered throughout the school year at no cost.  Programs include:  an afterschool meal, quiet homework center, academic tutoring, extended library hours, computer access and a variety of enrichment opportunities.
Academic Tutoring is available after school in the RHS library.
Monday - English, Social Studies, Science & Math
Tuesday - English from 4:15-5:15
Wednesday - English, Social Studies, Math
Thursday - English, Science, Math
Friday - English, Social Studies, Math
Enrichment Opportunities - Please check in at the RHS library unless otherwise noted.
Food Fusion - Recreate internationally inspired meals while sampling diverse foods.  Meets every Wednesday from 3:15-4:30.
Everyday Chef - Improve your knowledge and skills in the kitchen.  Learn to create fast nutrious meals that are a snap to make!  Meets every Tuesday from 3:20-4:45.
Homemade- Join us to get crafty! We will use our creative skills to make crafts, gifts and bake!  Meets Thursdayfrom 3:15-4:45.
Chess Club - Learn the game of chess from the basics through advanced levels.  Meets Wednesday and Thursdayfrom 3:15-4:15 in Ms. Siliski's room - White 26.

Hours of Operation

After School until 5:30

Summer  8:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Students served:  Grades 9-12

For more information please contact the Rutland High School EPIC Site-Coordinator.

EPIC Site-Coordinator

Lorin Gides

Office (ph.) 770-1046

After School (ph.) (802) 779-4632


Staff Members

  • Yoshi Aday, Tutor
  • Wendy Cameron, Enrichment
  • Travis Crewdson, Tutor/Enrichment Leader
  • Leah Csiszar, Enrichment
  • Mike Ellis - Tutor
  • Lorin Gides, Site Coordinator
  • Sandy Leonard, Assistant/Enrichment Leader
  • Brett Lertola, Tutor
  • Ellada Siliski - Enrichment
  • Cindy Trevino, Tutor