Dear Tapestry and EPIC Families,

Included below is an update on our 2020 Summer Tapestry & EPIC Programs. Expectations for the program have been adjusted to fit the current COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the needs of the students and families in our community. Plans are moving forward to provide learning opportunities for our students this summer in a distance learning format. Detailed information about summer learning programs, including how students will register for classes, will be communicated in the next few weeks. Parents and students will be notified through our normal district communication tools including Google Classroom, emails, SchoolMessenger calls, texts, social media and Tapestry/EPIC staff outreach. Thank you again for all you are doing to ensure your students remain engaged and connected with teachers and staff.

Enrichment Offerings- In place of in-person instruction we will be offering virtual enrichment programs for students. A virtual activity schedule will be published in the next few weeks. Learning opportunities will include enrichment activities and academic tutoring.

Registration- Registration links will be available by June 1st.

RHS offers an afterschool program to all students.  By enrolling in EPIC students can access all programs offered throughout the school year at no cost.  Programs include:  an afterschool meal, quiet homework center, academic tutoring, extended library hours, computer access and a variety of enrichment opportunities.
Academic Tutoring is available after school in the RHS library.
Monday - English, Social Studies, Science & Math
Tuesday - English from 4:15-5:15
Wednesday - English, Social Studies, Math
Thursday - English, Science, Math
Friday - English, Social Studies, Math
Enrichment Opportunities - Please check in at the RHS library unless otherwise noted.
Food Fusion - Recreate internationally inspired meals while sampling diverse foods.  Meets every Wednesday from 3:15-4:30.
Everyday Chef - Improve your knowledge and skills in the kitchen.  Learn to create fast nutrious meals that are a snap to make!  Meets every Tuesday from 3:20-4:45.
Homemade- Join us to get crafty! We will use our creative skills to make crafts, gifts and bake!  Meets Thursdayfrom 3:15-4:45.
Chess Club - Learn the game of chess from the basics through advanced levels.  Meets Wednesday and Thursdayfrom 3:15-4:15 in Ms. Siliski's room - White 26.

Hours of Operation

After School until 5:30

Summer  8:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Students served:  Grades 9-12

For more information please contact the Rutland High School EPIC Site-Coordinator.

EPIC Site-Coordinator

Lorin Gides

Office (ph.) 770-1046

After School (ph.) (802) 779-4632

Staff Members

  • Yoshi Aday, Tutor
  • Wendy Cameron, Enrichment
  • Travis Crewdson, Tutor/Enrichment Leader
  • Leah Csiszar, Enrichment
  • Mike Ellis - Tutor
  • Lorin Gides, Site Coordinator
  • Sandy Leonard, Assistant/Enrichment Leader
  • Brett Lertola, Tutor
  • Ellada Siliski - Enrichment
  • Cindy Trevino, Tutor