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Social Studies

Social Studies


To prepare our students for responsible citizenship in our diverse society, the social studies curriculum will set high standards, provide solid knowledge, and teach practical skills. We believe the development of competent decision-making citizen begins in the home, is extended in the classroom, and reaches into the future. To this end, the students will emerge from these courses with the following broad-based goals.

  • Recognition of international interdependence

  • Application of information so as to become a good citizen (local, state, national and global sense)

  • An understanding of personal values and their relationship to various values in societies, as well as a respect for those values both past and present

  • Appreciation of the creativity of societies

  • Desire to improve our society and environment

  • A critical attitude toward social, economic and political events

  • Application of information from the past to the present and to the future

  • Stimulation of interests in global affairs

  • The acquisition of useful facts

  • Understanding of cause and effect

  • Understanding of fact and opinion

  • Ability to draw conclusions from information

  • Practice of writing and speaking skills to communicate ideas clearly to others

  • Development of a sound work ethic



  • Students read for understanding.
  • Students write effectively.
  • Students are knowledgeable about current events.
  • Students understand and can apply ideas of citizenship and government.
  • Students conduct thorough research using a variety of sources.
  • Students give effective presentations.
  • Students use technology.
  • Students know geography and how to use maps.
  • Students understand and can apply basic economic principles.
  • Students understand and interpret historical events, people, ideas, and themes.