Global Studies Concentration

This program is a strand within the Rutland High School course offerings and provides students with interdisciplinary, globally focused classes.  In this concentration, students have many opportunities to extend their awareness of global topics and issues, and develop knowledge and skills to become more informed, engaged, and socially responsible citizens who embrace cultural diversity.


The Global Studies designation and certificate are awarded at graduation to any student who has fulfilled the program requirements.


Global Studies Concentration Requirements

  • Global Studies 9 – World History I, English 9, and Earth Science
  • Global Studies 10 – World History II and English 10
  • Civics and Economics
  • British Literature or AP British Literature (English 4)
  • 3 courses in the same World Language (Preferably through the level 4, 5 or AP levels of the language. Students are also encouraged to study an additional world language.)
  • Participation in the Global Studies Fair (9th grade) – required beginning with class of 2017
  • Global Studies capstone project
  • International Cuisine, Introduction to Theatre, Creative Structure, OR an independent study project as part of an arts course (This project is to be designed and carried out by the student based on his/her interest and ideally tied to another class s/he is taking concurrently. This should be pre-approved by a global studies coordinator.)
  • At least one level of the Global Citizenship class
  • 1 globally focused Year End Studies (YES Plan) course
  • 50 hours of globally-focused community service over 4 years (preferably working for something globally linked and could be connected to the student’s capstone project)
  • At least 2 years of involvement in a globally focused co-curricular (ex: Model UN, Club Giving, GMTI, Spanish National Honor Society, Forensics, Key Club, Environmental Club, Japan Club, Cyber You)




STEM Concentration


This concentration provides the student with interdisciplinary STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics – classes and experiences that emphasize the engineering design process. In this concentration, students have many opportunities to extend what they learn in one class to others through STEM focused project based learning.


The STEM designation and certificate are awarded at graduation to any student who has fulfilled the program requirements.


Program Requirements:

  • Minimum of 2 STEM courses per year (Math, Science, or Information Technology)
  • Sophomore STEM fair
  • Senior Capstone Project
  • STEaM Pod course
  • Completion of four approved STEM activities
  • 1 STEM YES Plan Course


A student’s math course of study must include at least one college prep or higher level course.


STEM Activity possibilities (but not limited to):

  • Participation in FIRST Robotics Club, Environmental Club, Envirothon, MedQuest, or Governor’s Institute
  • Participation in the Vermont State Science and Math Fair


Special notice for those students attending Stafford STEM Academy and who intend to graduate with an RHS STEM concentration endorsement.  Students are exempt from ancillary STEM obligations and/or the coursework requirements outlined in the RHS concentration description during the year(s) that they enroll in the Stafford STEM Academy.

**Course Requirements for the Class of 2017 will be grandfathered based on old course descriptions.  All subsequent classes need to fulfill all requirements to receive endorsement**