In partnership with students, parents and community, Rutland High School offers diverse learning opportunities and strives to meet the academic, social, physical and emotional needs of all its students.  We provide a safe, orderly, healthy environment that is conducive to teaching and learning and a school climate that values mutual respect and dignity.  Rutland High School graduates will possess the skills and knowledge necessary to be lifelong learners and productive citizens.


  • The RHS student will write effectively.
  • The RHS student will read with understanding.
  • The RHS student will listen actively and speak effectively.
  • The RHS student will think analytically and critically.
  • The RHS student will conduct research using a variety of sources and technologies.
  • The RHS student will explore the creative process.


  • The RHS student will demonstrate knowledge of his or her civic rights, duties and responsibilities within the democratic process.
  • The RHS student will engage in good citizenship, cooperative work and a commitment to the community.
  • The RHS student will practice behaviors to promote wellness.