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Mission Statement

Core Values, Beliefs and Learning Expectations

Rutland High School’s Core Values and beliefs, as described in the Vision and Mission Statements, and 21st Century Learning Expectations/Transferable Skills, continue to drive curriculum, instruction and assessment in RHS classrooms and help to guide the school’s policies, procedures, decisions and resource allocation.

Mission Statement

We empower students to be accomplished individuals and community members. We will:

  • Deliver a comprehensive and engaging curriculum for a diverse student body.
  • Provide a safe and healthy environment that fosters mutual respect.
  • Address the social and emotional needs of all students.

Students will:

  • Take responsibility for their education.
  • Develop their intellectual, creative, social, emotional and physical abilities.
  • Be productive members of the school and community.

Every Student, Every Day.

Vision Statement

Rutland City Public Schools cultivate a passionate, diverse, and resilient community of critical thinkers who learn with purpose, create innovative and responsible solutions, and lead lives of integrity. (Adopted February 24, 2015).

21st Century Expectations:

Rutland High School’s faculty and administration made the decision to align our 21st Century Learning Expectations with the State of Vermont’s transferable skills. Administration, faculty and staff also thought that students’ perseverance, collaboration, and responsibility are important skills that students need to develop in order to be successful after high school. The decision was made to include Habits of Work (HOW) in Rutland High School’s 21st Century Learning Expectations. The finalized 21st Century Learning Expectations are listed below:

  • Clear and Effective Communication
  • Self-Direction Scoring Criteria
  • Creative and Practical Problem Solving
  • Responsible and Involved Citizenship
  • Informed and Integrative Thinking
  • Habits of Work