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3D Raiders Team Present at 2019 Dynamic Landscapes Conference

Click HERE for the Parent/Guardian Access form for Infinite Campus. This form will give us the information we need to set up parent/guardians in Infinite Campus. Once we gather the necessary information, we will enter it into Infinite Campus.  Once completed, we will mail home your sign on and password information. Any questions, please reach out to Thank you.

Rutland City Public Schools cultivate a passionate, diverse, and resilient community of critical thinkers who learn with purpose, create innovative and responsible solutions, and lead lives of integrity.  Rutland High School brings this vision to life with every student, every day.  Firmly rooted in the foundational skills that students need in the 21st century and in conjunction with nontraditional programs such as YES Plan, The Global Issues Network, STEM and Global Studies concentrations, Rutland High School offers opportunities for all students.


Dear Families and Friends of Rutland High School:

With our schools closed during the Governor’s State of Emergency, all school staff are continuing their work from home. If you need assistance of a staff member or if you have questions, you can email the staff member directly through the email links found on the school website.  For general topics, please email Rebecca Badgley at

UPDATE From Mr. Olsen - May 15, 2020:  CLICK HERE


Report Card Letter and COVID-19 Update

Click HERE for the RCPS Continuity of Learning Plan Summary.



William Olsen, Principal
William Olsen, Principal

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