Rutland City Public Schools

Y.E.S Plan

The Y.E.S. Plan offers a variety of learning experiences for all RHS students.  The program is designed to provide half day and full day courses, seminars, field experiences, internships, community service and other teaching and learning opportunities.

Students are offered a wide variety of enrichment courses. Seniors (only) who are failing courses may opt to take a remedial core course (math, science, social studies, english) in order to graduate.  Students who would like to explore and enrich their learning beyond what has traditionally been offered during the regular school year will have that opportunity as well.

Teachers are afforded the challenge of offering a new course or alternative learning experience (full day or half day repeated) which might not be possible during the traditional school schedule.  Furthermore, the options of team teaching, interdisciplinary work across departments, off campus activities and creative uses of our resources (people, time, space, supplies and community facilities) will be available.

Y.E.S.  Plan Daily Schedule

8:00 A.M.       –      9:00 A.M.     A     Remedial Class

9:05 A.M.       –      11:15 A.M.   B     Y.E.S. Plan A.M. Session

11:20 A.M.       –     2:00 P.M.    D     Y.E.S. Plan P.M. Session/Lunch

2:05 P.M.       –       3:00 P.M.    E     Remedial Class

Y.E.S.  Plan course descriptions will be available in December and registration will take place in January with ample advance time for schedule adjustments and community service/independent study arrangements.

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